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Originally Posted by Leafsvideos View Post
The Maple Leafs home opener was this past Monday and MLSE said "This game is on us". They gave away 1,000 free tickets to those die hard fans that really wanted them. They told their season ticket holders that the first game would be free. Now, I was expecting the place to be BOOMING all game. Loud on rushes, chants of Go Leafs Go, noise, anything. But I got the opposite, it was quiet, dead, and the atmosphere seemed to be missing. Granted, I watched it from home on TV, so maybe it was worse than it was. But when you watched the Habs home opener this past weekend, that place was CRAZY.

Now, a couple of reasons why the place wasn't crazy are the following:

1) Season ticket holders are all corporate.
2) Leafs had not put a team on the ice worth cheering for.
3) Leafs did not give them a reason to cheer until the last couple of minutes.

So what realistic ideas do you have that can change this around? And I say realistic because, taking away the season ticket holders tickets and giving them to fans that care is not realistic from a business point of view.

Should they do more shirt tosses? Better in between game segments? Better Music? Cheaper Beer on weeknight games? Better Promotional Days?

Another idea is to take over one section of the arena at a time. You have to figure this isn't going to happen overnight. Lets say make section 120, the "loud" section, much like the TFC Supporter section. Always standing, always cheering on rushes, chanting "Defence", heckling the opposing goaltender, etc. Hopefully that will translate into sections 121 and 119 getting loud throughout the game too.

I am sick and tired of hearing how excited players like John Tavares, Tyler Seguin, Steven Stamkos all have family visiting them and watching. Lets turn this arena back into our building. Where the noise is deafening and where the Leafs want to score to hear their fans go CRAZY. Lets be the 7th man on the ice for them. Lets be a city where free agents or top talent will want to come to because we SUPPORT our team instead of analyzing every little mistake that they do.

I really want to get this place on the same noise level as Winnipeg, Montreal, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Vancouver.

Unleash the dragons.

Seriously, with all the suits, there's little you can do. CEOs and the like aren't going to be jumping up and screaming. It's a corporate environment.

Seriously though, there should be a fine for wearing a suit to a hockey game.

Seriously....because the suits are very serious when it comes to their hockey.

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