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01-24-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by RPGrizzly View Post
I also remember Hayward's interview with Bob Murray before the Canucks game. Murray said something about the Samueli's being on board with signing Getz and Perry, kind of giving him the "go." That really indicates that they know how important Getzlaf and Perry are to the franchise and are willing to open their wallets to get them signed.

Corey Perry probably will be asking for 9 million. It's part of negotiations. It's then Murray's job to negotiate that number lower. Bob is a good negotiator, and as long as he keeps his top priority re-signing both guys, I have no reason to doubt they won't sign.
As to your first paragraph, I didn't see that interview but am very glad to hear BM said that.

I agree with your second paragraph. I'd be happy if we could get him at 8x8 (lower would of course be better) but the question becomes, what does Perry really want? Being so quiet nobody really knows how much money, location, or friendship means to him in the equation. But I do believe if the team keeps winning (a big if with no guarantees) and if we can get Getz signed quickly it will work very much in out favor with Perry.

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