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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its a pretty mature area, I see a lot of seniors around there and a lot of them that do make it out to the library. If you checked that library 20-30 years ago it was full to the rafters. Just like any current area where most of the family populations are. Bonnie Doon is a seniors and adult area now. Not as many kids anymore.

I don't go to NHL games out of principal. We all make our personal decisions. I do support other teams, U of A especially. Eskimos as well. FC Edmonton. I just prefer going to events and hobnobbing with regular folk. Pro hockey is just feeling too much of the ritz for me. I can't relate to the players.
Can't argue that, the bonnie doon/holyrood/ottewell area is pretty much a giant seniors home these days. There was a community vote last year deciding whether or not to keep ottewell road and a couple others at 40km/hr, and there's no chance in hell it would still be that slow if it wasn't for the age of the voters in favor. There seems to be a lot of young families moving into ottewell in the past few years though. Drive around the area at 3:30 and it's a mess of kids.

Getting a bit off topic here so I'll stop after this post, but I really think the need for libraries is decreasing as technology increases. You can find good information on anything online, and things like Kindles make reading books incredibly convenient.

I go to UAlberta games occasionally, and enjoy watching them. I actually know a couple guys on the team, and that makes things a little more exciting. I have gone out and watched the bantam phenom Tyler Benson a couple times, and that's also enjoyable. But I do that for the love of hockey, which is an entirely different thing than my love of the Oilers. I will never be able to feel the same passion for any team as much as I do them.

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