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01-24-2013, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
If Habs were in a weakened position one of these things would've happened already, 1- MB would've caved in 2- Subban would've asked a trade 3- An offersheet would've been signed 4- Signed him close to what Subban wants (and then try to trade him)
It's still too early in the process (strangely enough - the rebooted process, anyway). Each side has its respective array of hammers, and its respective pre-fabricated responses. Each side is waiting right now to see if there are going to be any cave-ins, whether there might be any external pressures that tip things (Habs - pressure by fans, desire to win hockey games, Subban - pressure from PK to agent to just get on the ice, whatever). From the stuff we're reading, I think both sides had better realize there are not going to be any sudden cave-ins, and the pressures really aren't a factor.

So there's either compromise or it's time to pull out a new hammer. I'm not really sure what more of a hammer the Habs have. Make him sit longer? Who really hurts the most from that? If Subban does go public and demand a trade, that could hurt Bergevin's ability to get best value in a trade. But maybe him just being un-signed is already damage enough.

Compromise seems like it might be overdue.

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