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01-24-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'm still not sure what you mean. If you honestly think that Katz will honestly downcut to ticket pricing to reflect a northlands levy no longer existing I'd ahve to disagree on that.

Katz will take the 15-16 ticket pricing for last season at rexall as starting point. There won't be any adjustment to reflect Northlands not being in the picture added surcharges will incur as will new ticket pricing structures that are typical in the industry for new arenas.
I mean that you thought that the ticket tax was a "new thing". You know, to help pay for this thing as you put it?

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Are you forgetting about the new ticket tax(you know, to help pay for this thing) or that there will be no "nosebleed" configuration equivalent in the new facility and few cheap seats of any kind to begin with?

Remember I'm including ALL charges. Some will likely be invented in the interim..

If you think top priced tickets are going up 10bucks in the new facility you got the wrong idea. The seating layout is the ritz pure and simple.
Originally Posted by Booya42 View Post
There's the rub. The ticket tax has been around since Pocklington. It's not new.
Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
We're not talking ticketmaster here we're talking ticket tax. The one allegedly funding 125M of the building price. Not sure if we're on the same page here.
I knew exactly what you were talking about, but you apparently did not. The ticket tax was first put into place and given to Pocklington as part of a deal to keep the Oilers in Edmonton. The tax was then passed along to the EIG guys, and then Katz. It's not new in any way, but yes it has increased with the ticket prices. I'm predicting about $5-7million dollars a year are being made this way that will provide that $125 million that would have gone to Katz's pocket otherwise. There is no allegedly is a fact. Trying to hide a piano under a rug isn't going to work out too well for you.

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