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01-24-2013, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post

you know what? i would give him 7-8 year for 5 million now....


Plekenac they gave him a 1 yr ,when Plek want a long term... they could have locked him up at 3.5 million long term.....then year later it cost Habs 5 million a year long term..

Josh G...he wanted long term deal...Habs said no....even his agent said Habs could have locked him up WAY CHEAPER around 2.85 million...but no ,they gave him a bridge deal....1 year later , cost them 4 million a year

Subban he comes to play every nights off..ok...and 4 years from now 5 million a year will be a steal....but no, here goes the Habs again with a short term bridge watch what PK cost us 2 year from now likley 7.5 million a year........when we can lock up now way cheaper......again there goona be dumb AGAIN..
That's what I don't get. I get for Gorges, Pac and Pleks, as their performance could fall off. Pk seems solid, you won't get worse than how he's doing and that's already worth close to the 5m mark. Why not sign him long term and and get him for cheap when he'll be in the first few years of his prime because by then, he might just command upwards of 7m.

The only reason I see for this has to do with PK's place on the team, how he sees himself and the relationship he has with his teamates. They want to show him, yeah you're good and you work hard, but you've got a lot of improvements to make in the 'team' mentality aspect of the game, of getting along with everybody and not letting his ego overwhelm him. And holding out like that isn't a good sign that he'll improve on this aspect.

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