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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
If you been around long enough I do some of that Robin Hood ****.

Countless years ago I lobbied Pocklingtons son (who managed the Edmonton Drillers) to give away 100's of free tickets per game to the indoor soccer club.

I've also talked to the Fath group at length in regards to their ticket pricing and family friendly assessibility for the FC Edmonton product. People like myself have lobbied the Eskimos through the years for the same.

in 05-05 I was part of a lobbying group that resulted in the Oilers succumbing and releasing "family ticket pricing" for 8 regular season games that season. It was partly in response to me listing out all the other benefits, deals, savings, other clubs were offering their fans. Theres a thread on it here. "ticket to ride"

I didn't go through the effort this time and doubted it would be successful if I did. But in 2005-06 thousands of families benefitted through this Oiler lobby. It happened. Just a small difference people can make.

Don't think I just whine and complain here either. I contact my political representatives, even if they don't seem to represent..
How is it successful, drillers are gone and now road constuction prices are up to make up for the lack of FC revenues.

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