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01-24-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
I don't get why people assume we'd lose a trade if we send PK somewhere. I guess it must be the ol pessimistic 'habs can never have it good for ANYTHING'.

Kessel got traded and no one can actually say Boston lost that trade and the big difference is that Boston didn't have the money to sign him, nor could they have matched a big offersheet without having to trade someone else. Both these things the Habs CAN do which Boston couldn't. A good GM could get a lot by trading Subban. If we trade him and don't get close in the deal or actually get the upperhand, that would tell us a lot on Bergevin's bargaining skills.

I'm starting to feel that MB is all pretty cliché smiles for photo ops, but not much substance. What will happen with Subban in the coming days and weeks will tell us a lot about MB's actual abilities as a GM.
agree for the most part...

the Kessel trade, and how successful it was for Boston, hinged largely on the subsequent ineptness of the maple leafs AND the quality of the draft classes (at least in the top-10) that they got the picks in...

and it also helped that the B's were already in a roster situation that meant they could absorb the loss of Kessel while still remaining just as competitive, without getting immediate dividends from the assets they acquired in trading him (and as you point out, probably benefited them in freeing them from the cap crunch they'd have been in by trying to retain kessel).

Habs without Subban take a serious step back (and given the amnesty buy-outs, the 4.5-6M$ they would "save" by not keeping him, isn't as much of a need), and I don't see how they replace him in the near future either internally or via UFA... 25min/night all-situation dmen are extremely hard to come by, and certainly not for sub-6M$.

as far as assuming we will "lose" the trade, aside from the potential of ending up with lesser asset(s) by screwing up the deal (MB wouldn't be the first rookie GM around here to screw up his first big trade, sadly), the situation itself lends itself to higher odds of setback.
landing a top-3 & a top-10 pick (+ another top-40 pick) would be hard enough, ensuring that those picks turn into the quality of Seguin/Hamilton/Knight, even tougher.

we'll have to wait and see, of course, but one thing I think almost all can agree on is that the best case scenario is for Subban to remain a hab for a long time... and that seems less and less likely with each passing day

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