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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
Getting worked up? No not at all.

You posted a comment, I responded to it. Thats what these boards are all about. You commented Pedro brought other big names to the Mets,backed up by no factual information, and I countered your claim, backed up with factual information. That's being a pessamistic fan? That's hating the Isles?

What I fail to understand, whether it be you or anyone else here, is how people have such a difficult time with the concept of winning breeds winning. UFA's do not go to teams that do not show any dedication to winning. That being said are there a few who go for the money grab, a la Beltran, no doubt, but professional athletes want to win and go to teams where they feel they have the best chance to do so. New buildings, unsettled franchise futures play a very minor part in that scenario. Again I bring up the Yankess. Players go to the yankess because of two reasons, one is they wil probably get more money there and two is because the Yankees will contend every year. Ownership has shown that they are commited to winning. It is really just that simple.

As someone who has rooted for this team since their inception, lived through their growing pains, the glory years, the Spano mess, the Milstein mess and now the Wang debacle. I bleed orange and blue. At the same time I am a realist and do not drink the Wang Kool Aid. I have been around long enough to know a leapord doesn't change his spots. FWIW I also find it comical how many people believe that a change of address will make this team an instant contender. Could I be wrong? Absolutly and I pray that I am and if so will be the first to admit to it, but it ain't gonna happen.
Wow man. You have either only read parts of my posts, are confusing me for someone else, or are just choosing to interpret things incorrectly to start a meaningless argument. Again... who cares about the Pedro comparison? You are arguing over semantics. The basic theme is that the Mets became a relevant team after getting a veteran like Pedro, and that maybe the Islanders could do the same. You accuse me of "not being able to make up my mind" when in reality this was the only thing I posted on the subject before you called me out:

As far as the Mets comparison goes, it actually does make sense. Sign one guy(Pedro) to lead the youth(Wright/Reyes) and make the team relevant again; see the team inch closer to competitiveness and make a big signing(Beltran) and a big trade(Delgado) to put the icing on the cake.

I could honestly see something similar happening with this Islander team. Hopefully they choose the right veteran(again, Iginla seems like a solid comparable. An all-time great who is nearing the end of his career but still has some gas left in the tank... whether he would actually sign here is a different story).
So again, I'll ask, who gives a ****?

BTW, the free agent thing is not about the address. It's about the Islanders having a future home locked down as opposed to a completely uncertain future. Which situation do you think would be more appealing to UFA's?

I'm sure you think you are a realist, but you're a pessimist. We haven't been in a situation where we had a stable future as far as our arena goes in a long time, and to say that it won't matter and we won't sign any free agents and that Wang won't increase spending is an extremely pessimistic way to look at the situation, regardless of how realistic you might think it to be.

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