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01-24-2013, 03:05 PM
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No one said ignore defensive responsibility. Being irresponsible is one thing. But cramming complex systems down a kid's throat and expecting him to be flawless is another.

And yes, expecting a rookie to make mistakes is normal. As long as he is allowed to bounce back from it. And yes, expecting MORE from your "established" veterans is exactly what should happen. Those are the leaders of the team. They are the better players on the roster. More should be expected. There should be more accountability from them. Or were you fine with the likes of Lindros, Holik, and the abundance of other "established" veterans having no accountability.

It's the coaching staff's JOB to get the most out their players. Everyone from the rookies to the swansong veterans.

No one blamed anyone. There is equal responsibility on the staff and the player.

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