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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
Give the team some time to figure out how Oates wants them to play and try to all get on the same page.

How long? I don't know. How long would you give a team with a new coach playing a new system if they had a real training camp and preseason? I'd give them about a month of regular season under those circumstances. Under these? A good amount longer unfortunately so these boards should be a blast...

We have essentially the same personel... so why are we changing a system that nearly got us into the semi-finals?

Is that good management?

Look... I've heard the same speech you're making more times than I care to calculate. It's always the same. Even if we spin off some wins, and manage to win the SED, the same issues remain uncorrected.

Geez.... we're talking 15 years here.

When is enough.... ENOUGH?

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