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01-24-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by RPGrizzly View Post
We also don't know what the Ducks want, but we can speculate. Say one or both gets 8x8, or 64 or 8 years. I'd imagine Murray would want to dance the salary around Ryan and Fowler's contracts. We have a lot of contracts coming off the books in two years (Ryan, Souray, Beauch, Allen, Sbisa). By then the older guys on defense will either be gone or replaced by our younger guys making less. Sbisa shouldn't get too much of a raise. So say the Getz/Perry contracts go like this, sticking to the 8x8 guidline:

Year 1- $6M
Year 2- $6M
Year 3- (Ryan, defense contracts up) $9M
Year 4- $9M
Year 5- $9M
Year 6- (Fowler contract is up, he gets a raise) $8.5M
Year 7- $8.5M
Year 8- $8M

That's $64M over 8 years. The first two at $6M can easily fit in to our budget. After two, the contracts on defense are done, Souray is gone, one of Allen or Beauch stays on a paycut, while Lindholm and Vatanen fill in on low salaries. This helps us to spend up to 9 if we need to for Getz/Perry. Nobody knows what's happening with Ryan when his contract is up, he may not even be on the team.

This is just a very rough example of what I expect their new contracts to look like. As a budget team, it makes things a lot easier to dance around contracts like that. They could also want their money up front, which would make it a little bit easier to re-sign Ryan but doesn't fit well having a team salary sitting around $64M.

Fowler's contract is going to help a ton in negotiations. Great deal we have him on.
Anybody hitting ufa this off season would be wise to structure their contract in the pattern you layed out for potential escrow reasons related to the lockout. I think Zajac did something similar. As you point out, that could also help us sign Getz and Perry.

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