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01-24-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
So you think Bergevin isn't willing to pay him? Really? I have a hard time believing that there is a lowballing going on here. From everything I see, it looks like PK is jumping the gun. He just isn't there yet. If he were a legit #1, you wouldn't see so many fans saying that he isn't one yet. You wouldn't see our GM hesitating to lock him up longterm. We'd overrate him to being the best of the best in that case. Now we're reaching to put him into classes with dmen who are simply better players than he is.

I believe MacKenzie had mentionned 2x$2.75, which seems quite low. However I don't actually know. But the point remains that fair market value existed back then, and players took it seriously as well.

The Dryden example is a bit of social commentary as well, since no one vilifies Dryden for what he did. There's a ton of overreacting about what Subban is doing, so the juxtaposition is legitimate IMO.

As for his stats, they speak for themselves.

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