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01-24-2013, 03:33 PM
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Not a bad move. Don't know Harper but the team has done well in past trades and generally makes good use of their draft choices. Moreover, it seemed increasingly clear that Simon has repeated injuries and there has to be some doubt about his ability to make it thru a season without more hamstring problems.

Besides that the Lions have a core of receivers ready to step in and play at more cap friendly rates. They have Taylor, Moore, Gore, Iannuzzi, Foster, E. Jackson and players like Gooding on the practice roster. (btw Johnson is apparently gone unless someone has different info here) Also the scouting staff always seems to bring in new receivers every year. Moreover, the money gained by trading Simon could provide the cap space to make another trade within the League.

I would also say that it was becoming clear that Simon was increasing not a deep threat. Other teams such as Calgary schemed their defense to take advantage of that.

Yes it is sad to lose Simon after all he has done for the team and the fan base. But strictly in terms of football move, the trade seems very defensible.


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