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01-24-2013, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
So good, it's stupid!

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Looking at George's twitter feed picture & accompanying explanation, seems he pulled a Sonny Bono up at Tahoe. Total Faceplant. Didnt "Look out for that tree" and tried to kiss one doing a buck sixty on a pair of Rossignol Runaways... Sure hope he wasnt riding around Heavenly Valley on a cocktail of Vicodin, Valium & Vodka like the now deceased Senator. Ive tried it, and Im an expert skier. Pretty hairy. Good job I have absolutely no memory of the experience whatsoever.
It explains so much...

Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Sunnucks being dumb. Thinking the lease was only signed by one counterparty and Jamison waiting to buy the team before he can sign off on it.

They both would have signed off on it in the presence of a witness. See the Shannon tweet I linked to above.

Regardless, it's semantics. The lease agreement is settled. All that remains is the sale.
There's your problem...

You have to realize that John Shannon is an idiot, a bimbo posing as a reporter. There was never a detail that Shannon couldn't overlook...

What the actual event was, was Glendale signing the lease agreement, effectively taking it out of the new council's hands. Jamison can't sign it until he's bought the team, and he can't buy the team until the board of governors approve of the sale. So he's really up against the wall now...

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