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01-24-2013, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by jflory81 View Post
NHL 2K8 had a great option where you could change the announcers to a dynamic orchestral score that changed depending on the situation in the game (triumphant music with a big lead, tense music when down 1 late in the game in the 3rd, etc).

It was really well executed and way, way better than listening to the same recorded lines over and over again from announcers I don't even particularly like live. A friend and I try to recreate it sometimes in NHL12 when we play our season with movie soundtracks, but it's not quite the same.
Totally forgot about that. It was one of the more original and well-executed little things I've seen in a sports game. My friends and I always chose that option.

Originally Posted by Sabres Fan UK View Post
Matt Ellis seems the logical option and the lines would be
-Gerbe- Grigs - Ott-
-Scott- Hecht - Kaleta-
Agreed. Gerbe skated with Grigs and Ott which obviously puts Hecht back on the 4th line. Either Ellis or Scott would come out for him, with Ellis being more likely imo.

Edit: Didn't notice Chain confirmed that it is Ellis, as expected

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