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01-24-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
"... No one wants to be in this position. Of course you always try to get the best contract but a guy in his position does not have a lot of leverage so he needs to say yes to a transition contract. Then you aim for higher and better terms; that’s the path 95% of the players followed...”
Josh Gorges

Labbé interviewed Gorges in English, translated it in French... and I translated it back in English! The nuances are probably lost in the process but the bulk of Gorges’ opinion is respected.

As many of us stated earlier, I think something was lost in translation. I have a hard time believing Gorges would be stupid enough to say that PK "needs to say yes to a transition contract" and if he did say this he should really just ****.
Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
If the Canadiens give a blank check to Subban, what will happen with Galchenyuk, Beaulieu... when they reach the same stage? Subban is no Crosby so I don’t think Mtl should completely overlook the fact that he is a freakin RFA player with no rights to arbitration
Sure. And when we see what he signs for I guess we'll know. Based on what we're hearing though it doesn't sound like he wants a blank check.

I get the idea of having a policy with bridge contracts but you have to be flexible. PK is an exceptional player so you make an exception for him. There's got to be a way to meet somewhere in the middle here.
Originally Posted by Richiebottles View Post
I was kind of intrigued about what Subban could net us but the only thing that we really need right now is help on the RW. I say we hang on to Subban and is Gally sticks with the team we trade Eller and a Pick for a young RW. We would have a solid top 6 and a balanced D. If Beaulieu does in fact pan out we have look at the option of trading PK or any other D-Man down the road. Right now there are a lot of If's that have to go our way for us to not be completely set back by trading Subban.
That's the thing. We trade him away for a great forward... who do we have to replace Subban on the back end? It's not like we still have McD. If we at least had him it would be a little easier but...

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