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12-14-2003, 08:00 AM
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[QUOTE=Barnaby]You would be a fool to dispute that.

Point is not one Ranger fan here has said that the Rangers deserved to win tonight. Were we totally outplayed? Absolutely not. Did we deserve to win it? No. In a tight game where the other team gets a ton of calls going there way and a free, yes FREE goal we have reason to point it out. Especially when thats the 3rd goal in three games against that team where a Ranger goalie has been pummeled.

To hear all these Leafs fans, otherwise known as the kings of whining is very annoying. They cant even agree that the goal was cheap or Roberts dove. Do we want an apology? No, but the ignorance is irritating. Most Ranger fans on this board will admit if Barnaby dives or Holik gets away with a slash, but these guys are blinded with blue and white perfection.

Oh well, at least we aren't the Boston Red Sox of hockey. They will fold when the going gets tough and will probably never see a Cup in there lives.[/QUOTE

couldn't have said it better!! last night being drunk and pissed off is also not the time to start posting and reading the rubbage that comes out the minds of some leaf fans! "we do nothing wrong, that was a good call?" ah horsesh!t!! we suck!! we all know that! we shouldn't have to battle two things though? our own stupidity and crappy reffereeing!! the leafs are the better team, hands down! you leaf fans should take off your blue and white glasses though!

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