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Originally Posted by Stats01 View Post
Coming off a WCF appearance are you seriously going to blame the attendance on not having an owner. How many times are Coyote fans going to use that as a crutch.. pathetic. How about getting off the message boards and going to some games once and a while. Honestly how many more years do we have to watch on television chunks and chunks of empty seats. Tickets are like 4 bucks lol if you're a hockey fan how do you beat that deal.
This is something I often wonder about with the fanbase. Ok fine, ownership drama discourages season ticket sales. I get that, but why wouldn't be people showing up to games on single game tickets? That makes no sense. They can get the tickets on shorter notice than season tickets and the team will be there, no theoretical loss of investment. And ticket prices aren't exactly astronomical (in fact, quite the opposite. They're rock bottom, deep down on this little dirtwad we call Earth). Bad location? Ok, that covers weekday games, but what about weekend games? And are there so few local (i.e. Glendale & adjacent suburbs) Coyotes fans, or heck, hockey fans, that clearance sale ticket prices won't lure them out. Heck, it looks like for $20-30, 2 people could get pretty good seats and eat-in at the arena. What's baffling is this isn't some flattened Wily E. Coyote roadkill team on the ice, they're actually quite good (NHL Coyotes & MLB Rangers proved ownership dramas, bankruptcy and the like have no effect on on-ice/on-field competitive ability). These Coyotes may be the best bargain in NHL history (lowest ticket price relative to on-ice skill). Even with 2012's playoff run, there were pictures of "buy a case of beer, get tix to the playoff games" and not the enter into the drawing kind either. With all this, it looks like the ownership drama is just an excuse to not support the team. That or NHL hockey for over $1 is just too outrageous a price.

With the way the Coyotes saga has gone, are we sure the Jobing Arena wasn't named after the Biblical Job?

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