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01-24-2013, 04:56 PM
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The owners were stupid as each owner thought only about himself when they agreed to the srtructure of the salary cap system. The various formulas being used enabled both the players and owners to receive more in paid salary than their cap hit. This gave rise to manipulation, especially in the case of front loaded long term contracts which went far beyond a player's useful playing life. The very wealthy teams took advantage of the system to their benefit. Parity should have been the issue rather than manipulation. The salary cap structure IMO is all wrong. It has lead to crazy demands by players (i.e., front and back loaded deals that have no reasonable relationship with current reality) and to the wealthy owners who can afford to manipulate the system.

The cap system could have been very simple. In reality it is designed to give the players ridiculous current salaries and long term deals that will go beyond their useful playing life. It also gives wealthy owners the ability to manipulate the salarycap hit while paying more dollars out in the long run.

I believe the salary cap system could have been fair and simple to understand as well as giving ALL teams the opportunity to compete equally. Simple arithmatic would work to everyone's advantage each and every year. Just take the total salary of the contract and divide it by the number of years of a player;s contract. The average of the salary then would impact a team equally every year for all the years of the contract.

My two cents for what it's worth.

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