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01-24-2013, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Meatwagon View Post
Even if he peaks as "just a top 10 defenseman" he holds more value to a franchise then a 1b/2a center, with a 1st line ceiling. The only way the Avs wouldn't add is if Duchene was to become, for certain, a top 10 center, which is possible, but much less likely than OEL reaching his potential. I think you may have gotten stuck on the amount of +++++ I used, it was more to signify that you would have to add, to make the values even out. I wasn't trying to say you would have to add 3-4 more pieces.

As far as Jones is concerned, I wait to form an opinion once he finally reaches the NHL. EJ had the same level of hype surrounding him when the Blues picked him, and he has yet to live up to that PERCIEVED level. I think EJ is a solid #1 and a great #2, but not the "end all be all" he was touted when he was drafted. And please, I have followed EJ since he was drafted with STL, I know all about his trails and tribulations, Im not trying to turn this discussion into an EJ pissing match.
EJ is only 24, its going to be another 3-4 years before he hits his prime. Defense don't his their prime until Mid-late 20's.

Look at Pronger and Chara, who are 2 very comparable players to EJ. Not that EJ is anything close to either of them, but similar size big hitters and extremely good Defensively with some offense as well. Chara and Pronger were both in the league for a solid 4-5 years before they became what they are/were. EJ still has a tonne of time to develop.

And yes OEL has developed a lot already, but he also probably wont develop too much further, as has been said he's already a good #1 palying 25 mins a night. He really cant get a whole lot better.

I also don't see how Duchene is less likely to become a Top 10 Center then OEL is to become a Top 10 Dman, Duchene has just as much of a chance as OEL, 1 off year that was injury plagued doesn't change the amount of potential Duchene has. I wouldn't trade Duchene for OEL at this point, like wise Yotes fans wouldn't trade OEL for Duchene.

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