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01-24-2013, 05:15 PM
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Fine...most questionable goalie in the draft.

I have questions about the mobility of the Utah blueline and how they'll react to all the speed in the Buffalo lineup. 5 of the 6 d-men are lefties, which will further limit their options on outlets. And the top line left wing (Daze) will certainly miss time in the series I'd think, given his injury history that caused him to quit hockey prematurely.

While Utah's top line probably bests mine, I like my scoring depth much better. A defensive center in Schock heads up a second line that features that spent time at defense as well (Connelly), Schock was a useful center on some pretty poor Pens teams and accumulated points that way, but he wasn't a major offensive player. When he faced better teams in the playoffs, he was often stymied. Even when he got time on a terrific Penguins power play in 1975, when the playoffs rolled around, the point-per-game Schock contributed just four assists in nine games as the Pens had the carpet pulled out from under them by the Isles...

I think George Ferguson and Ryan Callahan working on Bill Carson and Jason Pominville is an interesting match, I wonder what the voters will make of two terrific offensive players vs. two terrific defensive players - at least in my opinion.

Dennis Kearns double-shifting on the power play for Utah will play right into the hands of the speedy, aggressive PKer, Doug Smail and could open up opportunities shorthanded, especially if Ryan Callahan blocks shots like he can (the best shot blocking forward in the NHL currently).

I believe that my team speed and stout defense - aided by the draft's best goaltender - will help to neutralize the somewhat sluggish Utah team, who will ultimately be undone by their inability to perforate with Seth Martin. Not to mention, the adventurous Cechmanek will have trouble with a heavy-shooting lineup and his poor puck-handling will be exposed by the speedy forecheck that Red Berenson likes to impose...

All the best to Velociraptor, should be an interesting series...


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