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06-26-2006, 03:36 AM
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I'm happy with this years draft. Unfortunetly I didn't know as much about the players comming into this draft as I do in most year I had to do a lot of reading up on the guys the Habs took and after doing that I like what Gainey and the rest of the staff did this year. Fischer though dubbed 'the idiot' seems like a guy with a lot of potential. Though he has a bad attitude what sets him apart from other highly skilled players taken in the first round with attiude problems ala Hainsey, this guy comes out to play every night, works hard, has a physical gam ontop of a pretty high skill set. Love the the Maxwell and White picks, I would have taken white before Maxwell after reading up on them but we got both anyway. White seems to me as a surefire 3/4 NHL'er but it is very early so don't hold me to it. Carle has some good offensive upside, ppl on this board don't seem to be too high on him but if he can shore up some of the finer points to playing defence over the next few years he could become a PP quarter-back. Volotenko (sp) never heard of and not a whole lot to read up on him about as he's not a highly touted and european but Timmins seems to think he's an Emelin type which sounds greta to me. As for the last pick Cepec could be a sleeper, I have a feeling had he played a full out season he's be ranked much higher and probably would have gone around the 3/4 round, I'm excited to see what he can do next year if he stays healthy and plays a full season. Anyway all in all pretty happy with what they did i'd give them a B+ overall.

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