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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Also the neil who thought Johan Backlund was a good goalie
Not to defend him but he is also the guy who said to draft Sunshine in the first place, and sign Bob out of nowhere when no-one else wanted him. DeSerres made it to the Memorial cup which isn't awful and Backlund I think was a lot better before his injuries and surgeries. The jury is still out on Heeter but who knows.The reality is that the majority of goalies just don't make it, even those drafted quite high up often fall flat.

There were 28 goalies drafted ahead of Pekka Rinne and 2 of them are NHL regulars now. Goalies are just extremely hard to gauge. Hindsight is always 20/20 but the reality is that in 2004 30 GMs picked guys like Mrazek and Fukufuji and Spratt instead of Rinne. Edmonton went for Reaugh instead of a guy named Roy in 1984.

I'd be a lot more upset with Little if we went for a goalie early in the draft and he flopped. If I were a scout and Homer said "we need a great goalie and we won't use any high draft picks" and I were the scout I'm not sure I could do much better. When it looked like Sunshine and Bob were the future we all lauded him as an awesome scout but in typical Flyer fashion the assets were mismanaged.

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