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01-24-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by daveskirtun View Post
I actually enjoy watching the Flyers play more than most teams. Most of my hate is reserved for the NYR.
I respect their toughness, but I dislike it when it crosses the line into straight goonery, which is fairly often.

Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
I hate the Rangers with all my heart. But it's a hate that is completely irrational and I have no delusions of Rangers fans being bad folks or their players being anything but just normal hockey players. Sometimes I shout to Rangers players in front of the TV and my wife says "they can't hear you and, you know, they are not bad people".

Fandom brings the neanderthal idiot out of me.
Same here. I think we cannot escape the fact that both fanbases are obsessed with each other. The GMs don't like each other, the coaches don't like each other, the players don't like each other, the fans don't like each other, and I'm sure the peanut vendors don't like each other. Solid hatred for the other side from top to bottom. That's what a rivalry should be.

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