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01-24-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Paul4587 View Post
I said I'd almost guarantee he gets offered that - not that he'd sign it. Teams get desperate every year on July 1st and pay absurd amounts of money. The cap may be coming down next season but $65M is still a lot more than it was when Gomez and Redden got their ridiculous contracts. There will be a GM out there who offers it and I agree with Ducks DVM who said if it does happen it will likely be on a team with very little talent.

Perry btw has something none of Staal, Hossa or Richards have and that's an MVP title. He may not be on Crosby/Malkin/Stamkos's level but he's right in that next tier of players.
One thing about Staal, though, is that he basically is the Hurricanes franchise, and that adds a bit of clout itself. Same with Nash in Columbus when he signed his deal, teams will go all out to keep their franchise guys. You don't see it as much in free agency when adding a new player.

As for getting that offer, I guess we'll agree to disagree. I think it could happen, mainly because the Islanders still exist, but I really have my doubts. Again, as ridiculous as owners have been, they've seemingly stayed far away from large cap hits, and coming off of a lockout, I think they'll continue to do the same. But this could all be moot anyway if Perry doesn't make it till July 1.

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