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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
So, I'm reading over the CBA summary of terms and I noticed a few things :

Page 17 article 6

Ice Conditions
Extension of standard Regular Season intermission from 17 minutes to 18 minutes and reduction of period for permissible on-ice activities from five (5) minutes to four (4) minutes, leaving 14 minutes for ice resurfacing and set time.

Prohibition of on-ice activities for two (2) hours prior to pre-game warm-ups.

Requirement for each Club (building) to supply a minimum of eight (8) ice shovelers for in-period ice maintenance. Clubs will utilize best efforts to utilize ice shovelers on skates.

League will issue updated standards for end zone ice shoveling procedure.

Development and introduction of a smart phone app to facilitate completion and submission of Player reports on ice conditions and team compliance with Visiting Team Facility Standards.

Develop “best practices” guidance and video for Players on maintaining good ice conditions

Hopefully will see some more consistent ice!

Page 6 Article 2

Supplemental Discipline for On-Ice Conduct

Permissible fines for on-ice infractions increased to an amount up to 50 percent of the Player’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary and Bonuses (not including Performance Bonuses) divided by the number of days in the Regular Season and may not exceed $10,000 on a first-time basis, and $15,000 on a second and subsequent time basis (determined in accordance with a rolling 12-month period). All fines above $5,000 are subject to the hearing procedure accorded to Players subject to suspension not exceeding five (5) Games. Player fines shall not be charged against the Players’ Share.

Players can now get fined a max of 10k for their first offense and 15k for any offenses after that.

Quick breakdown of the fine max :
No directives on how short or skin-tight the shovellers' shorts have to be?

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