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01-24-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Squeeven View Post
I actually like the new logo a bit more than the old one to be honest. The old logo is sick but the new one is even better, not sure why some of you guys don't like it to be honest.
It looks like a childish cartoon from Fox Saturday mornings. The excessive curvature of the stick, the "scarier" eyes, unnecessary introduction of TEAL SHADOWS on a BLACK SHARK (or is it the other way around now?), the orange in the triangle...which now bends like the stick for some reason....

The only thing people could hate about the old logo was the tape that didn't wrap around the stick. New logo doesn't have an advantage there because cartoon shark has two giant top and bottom teeth that are all connected. All around a crap logo, but I am still forced to rep it on my newer gear.

Originally Posted by sharksohnoes! View Post
Am I the only one that actually likes this jersey?

The back of this one is beautiful, with traditional name and number font over the grey bars. I don't imagine it would be too easy on Randy's or Dan's eyes when calling the game, though.

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