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Originally Posted by McSkittlez View Post
So you would rather die from a person using a shotgun who is shooting from 45 feet out than a person who is using a long range weapon?

It's just pretty ridiculous how a shotgun from that far away can kill someone with one shot. I'm not saying that shotguns should just be taken out altogether, I enjoy taking out players who use shoguns. Sure it takes skill to run around a big map with a shotgun, but to kill from that kind of distance?
I'm assuming the shotgun in question is the KSG.

It's a tough (but fun) shotty to use. It shoots a single slug instead of the buckshot like the rest of the shotty's.

This means: Longer range, and kill range. But, no spread means you need to be very accurate.

It's essentially a non sighted, short range, pump sniper.

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