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01-24-2013, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
O'Reilly is significantly better than Hanzal,
Not in Hanzal's current role, which is absolutely crucial to the Coyotes and the reason they've made the playoffs in consecutive years. You can't coach 6'6. Considering the Avs already have 2 top 6 centers, they should absolutely be interested in a Hanzal for ROR swap. The Coyotes wouldn't be, however, because of how crucial he is. He is a stat monster, apart from points:

During his rookie year, Hanzal was thrown to the wolves at even strength, facing the 37th toughest CorsiRelQoC score in the entire league. He hasn't slowed down since, routinely showing up on the list of players who face the league's elite night-in and night-out. His Balanced Corsi scores show that he is performing well above his expectation pushing the play forward in these situations, handling extremely tough assignments with relative ease. Though his Power Play stats have been less than impressive, Phoenix has never ranked above 19th in SF/60 on the PP during Hanzal's time in the desert. Regardless, his excellent play at even strength means that Phoenix will have a young and versatile tough-minutes forward locked up no matter where the franchise finds itself at the expiration of the contract.
He’s 23 years-old and his career high in three seasons is a 27-point rookie effort. Nothing about Hanzal’s counting numbers stand-out. In fact, they’re completely underwhelming.
Until one considers the fact that he’s been the Coyotes number one checking option for two straight years. Hanzal has frequently seen the toughest match-ups on a team lacking other elite options since he was a sophomore and he’s somehow managed to keep his head above water. The towering 6’6″ center was the lone bright spot under Wayne Gretzky in 2008-09: he faced the big boys, started in his own zone about 62% of the time and still sported one of the best possession rates on the team (-5.76/60 corsi).
I know it's hard to explain Hanzal's value in normal HF terms (points, contract, intangibles) but he is very, very valuable and the Avs would be silly to not want him. Having him gives one of your top 2 lines a guaranteed mismatch against lesser competition.

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