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Originally Posted by Tarzan View Post
Personally I don't think hockieguy is insulting the player in question. While he says that he is a talented hockey player with lots of upside ( I am paraphrasing hockieguy here from his last few posts, for those that don't understand ), he allows his frustration to undermine his game and quite possibly that of his teammates. You say, Oldnucks, " all you have done is insult a 17 year old kid. If his attitude is questionable well maybe that is because he is playing on the worst team in the league, if he was happy about it than i would question his character because who would be content with losing consistently." You are aware of course that there are other 17 yr olds on the team as well as 16 yr olds. I am confident that you are not suggesting that these players are HAPPY with being on a last place team? Frankly I would wager that the majority of them are quite frustrated with the way things have gone and how things continue to transpire. I am also sure that from time to time they demonstrate a MOMENT of frustration. To all the posters that talk about bashing a 17 yr old, you deflect from the true message that hockiguy is putting out there. Regardless of the age of a player, or the talent of a player, when the frustration is front and center, this is a cancer to the player AND the team.
Just to put this in perspective, hockieguy has 40 post and half of them have been about Seater and his attitude. Beating a dead horse, we get it. One post on this would have been fine. All I am saying is move topic hockieguy

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