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01-24-2013, 06:11 PM
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vCash: 500 it dis-like of the Bay Area!!

Let's see:
-Cardinals: 1 Super Bowl = 1 loss
-Suns: 1 NBA Championship Series = 1 loss
-DBuck$: 1 World Series Appearance = 1 win (still in debt today from it)
-Coyotes: 1 trip to the WCF = loss

If you want to call the Sharks playoff chokers, be my guest. But coming from Phoenix fans, it's kind of laughable.

I see this as a high energy game tonight. Few penalties and more from the bottom two lines from both sides. SJ pp has looked great in the first two games. Having played last night with travel, Coyotes better be ahead going into the 3rd.

San Jose wins 4-3.

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