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01-24-2013, 07:36 PM
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Oh my, it's been far to long and by the looks of the chatter on here I should have checked in a long while ago...So many things to address!!

All this talk about Seatter and the Kemptville 73's is truly getting tiring. Here is my take on the 2. 1st off the 73's have many issues, very few start with the kids on the ice and their effort level. (i'll mention Seatter in a bit) but for the most part like every other kid in the league on most nights, they are out there giving it their all. Maybe people should look at the person who brought this team together in the first place. All the signings in the early Fall (8 or 9 I think) that were supposed to propel the 73's into a playoff spot. All the signing that should have been done in the early spring instead of getting the kids every other team had passed over or never heard of! How many of those kids are still with team?? ZIP ZERO NADDA. Who was the mastermind behind this team's player selection?.... Terry Nichols. This team didn't have a chance right out of the gate, because of the players he brought into the fold.

Before you can get to the coach and Puppet GM, you then have to look at the new ownership. Whether you want to say it or not, there IS an issue with both Tugnutts kids playing on this team. The 16 yr old, should be playing 4th line minutes or a 13th forward position at best and the tender would not start for any other team in this league and maybe only back up 1 or 2 others. So why are they getting prime minutes. I'm sure they are both great kids, so let's not start that chatter about bashing kids. THis is JrA hockey. If their last name wasn't Tugnutt would they play on any other team in the league?? That is an issue!

Also everyone saying they are building for the future....This is the Mantra of a crappy team that will stay a crappy team and will be a crappy team for years to come. I feel bad for Blais...their 1 serious player IMO they have. Kid busts his butt and has skill...If, as the 73's have proven, you can't draft proper or recruit proper, than the few assets you do have...Byron, Gonu, Lussier, House etc will want off the ship quicker than a rat on the titanic.....Compund that with a bad coach, which is what he is (good guy, bad coach) as he has proven for a few years and you get what you have had in 73's land since back before they left the JrB circuit. hard to argue the numbers and hard to look forward to the future under the current regime. Can them all and start fresh with someone who has no biases nor owes any favours to the current ownership. You might save this team from folding or being moved. Keep any of the folks that have been making decisions for the past number of years and you get the same crap you've been subjected to. Plain and simple.

Now, Seatter...Get off Hockieguy's back....He may be 1 of 7 loyal fans the 73's have that are not family members or buddies of the hockey staff. This poster wears his heart on his sleeve and amen for that! If one person who has watched Seatter on here thinks he is anything other than what he has been portrayed as you are either a family member or a FAMILY MEMBER!! And if memory serves me correct and it might not the one person on here that puts up the biggest fuss over Seatter is Ottawa Guy who has already stated a while a go that he is a family friend. So discount his rhetoric. ( If I have the wrong poster I apologize)

Seatter is a mass of talent in a whining, Prima Dona Body. Want proof? Go to his Twitter handle and look at it closely....very closely...He has it Trademarked!!! Who does this?

This is a kid who wouldn't wait his turn on a team that if he would have stuck it out, he would have had his choice of NCAA teams, but couldn't handle playing 2nd line centre or wing and 2nd line PP in front of 19 and 20 year olds and took his ball and his father and went home to pout till he got his way, which if memory serves me took about 2 and a half months. I have watched him a few times in Kemptville and nothing has changed, except for the fact he gets keyed on by the best defenders of every team now instead of a teams 2nd or 3 rd best defenders and he can't fight through it. He hangs his head, slams his stick and slumps his shoulders more in a game than most novice kids. Again, it's the truth and it's JR A hockey, if you don't like the truth then don't read the post. It's not crapping on a kid, it's jsut telling the truth about the kid. A tonne of talent, but a kid who has been told he's the best by every hockey adult he has ever come in contact with and he in turn believes he should be handed everything on a silver platter. Personally I believe he will hold out again to start next year and will be out of the league by his 19th birthday. Sad to say, but like HOCKIEGUY has been stating, just the truth.

Again, the majority of the kids on the 73's play their hearts out nightly, but that doesn't mean they should be playing at this level. The 73's hockey OPS stink!

From a CCHL fan not a team fan!

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