Thread: NCAA: Te'o GF death a hoax
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01-24-2013, 07:16 PM
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Look, I don't want to draw black-and-white conclusions about Manti Te'o. But let's face it, the events that have taken place in the last 3 years and Te'o's subsequent explanation for them allow for only two possibilities. He is either the most incredibly naive and downright stupid person in America, or he is gay. Not surprisingly, Te'o is willing to portray himself as a complete fool that was just not intelligent enough to realize that for 3 years, the "girlfriend" he talked to on the phone for 6 hours a night was actually a man. It is incredibly difficult to believe that was an Academic All-American at Notre Dame, a school that (like Stanford) makes all potential athletes apply and be accepted through the Admissions office, just like every other potential student, could possibly be as downright unintelligent as Te'o effectively claims he was. Notre Dame's admission standards are so high and so uncompromising that it has hurt the performance of their football team in recent years. Te'o is not stupid. But, hey, there are plenty of NFL players that legitimately are. The alternative is not even fathomable in NFL culture. We may be in 2012, but the NFL is still in 1952 when it comes to the word "gay." It's a shame, but that is the culture. No potential NFL player is ever going to admit to being gay. They can't, not for the sake of their future career.

I still do believe that the whole "girlfriend" angle was originally created for the sake of publicity and attention. You would have to be extremely naive to believe that Te'o didn't garner significant Heisman consideration (and some votes) due to his performance while dealing with what was a remarkable tragedy. To lose your grandmother and your girlfriend within 6 hours of each other? The only thing more sad is that the journalistic integrity of sportswriters has fallen so far that they didn't even bother to look up this "girlfriend." Not one thought to ask Stanford about her or check the death records. Until Deadspin did it, of course. It almost worked out for Te'o; he almost won the Heisman. But man, the consequences were probably far greater than he intended.

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