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Originally Posted by Inside McKenzie View Post
hmm he is online right now -- doh he went offline. if he isnt around in another hour or so ill remove him temporarly

did you check to see if he was away or not? some people leave their xbox on for extended periods and it can be frustrating

can click on gamer card from league members screen to see
It seems like this guy is getting a lot of leighway for a new GM, that's like 5 people now that say he doesn't respond to messages and have to constantly harass to get a game in. I say boot him. Season is almost over anyways and we'll have plenty of time to find a suitable replacement.

Now saying that, I understand its not always cut and dry as the commissioner, and I think you and jumbo run a very clean and organized league, but say he finally plays a game or two this late in the sim period, how many people that have been waiting on him are gonna be able to play him tonight? And the sim is tomorrow while most of us work.

edit: it does not really effect me as I am out of playoff contention, but i am bored and wanted to toss my opinion in there lol

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