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06-26-2006, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan
Why everyone is so down on Carle. From the sound of it, he seems like good player...yes he's a project, but if he reach his full upside, we have a good defenceman in our hand...

He's not in good shape, but so what? He can easily work on that, and I'm sure he will now that he's drafted and soon to be ready to turn pro. Steve Bernier did the same thing and he's now an NHLer.
I agree about the shape thing. I didn't want the Habs to draft Bernier for that reason, mixing shape and work ethic and I think I had my lesson. My main problem is that, like I think Deandebean said, I see some glimpses of Brisebois in him, he's not a total defensive liability but there's some things to work on big time with him in that department. And he makes me thinks about another prospect I don't like, Michael Sersen so I'm not encline of liking him in the first place.

But I always say that the transition game is one of the worst important thing now, mostly with no redline anymore and with this new fast-paced game with the new rules so his great abilities in passing must not be forgotten.

But there was so many other good choices than him at the rank we picked than I'm not in love. But it's rare for me that I don't bash the scouts 1 or 2 days after. So it just prove they had a good day. Even the last 2 picks could end up being good guesses.

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