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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
Let me end this.

You guys arguing are homers... And amongst the worst.

Moncton is overrated but a good team that could surprise... An maybe win. A Mem cup will very likely elude them again.

Halifax: they aren't last years SJ, the Q is just more wide open.. They have more star power then other teams. This team can be beat regardless of what anyone says they are my pick to win it, and my pick to dissapoint.

Bathurst... A hot goalie and star can get you far... The Titan have fire power... But many question marks after that... They might upset a big seed...

SJ... We just plain suck, were likely picking first overall, hello Noel !
- You won't end it. It's the rule of message boards: Engage in the debate with people that post logical thoughts and opinions. Ignore those that don't. I think you'll find the majority of fans of any team are logical and unbiased when they post.

- How can Moncton be over-rated but be able to surprise? You'd think they'd have to be underrated to surprise someone. They'll probably have to face either Quebec, RN, BC or Rimouski in the 2nd round. Could be a great series no matter who they play.

- Agreed on Halifax in that they are not the SJ of last year. But their consistency game to game can be underrated at times. Of course they can be beat. The 2005 London Knights could be beat (Not comparing the 2 teams just making an exaggeration).

- This topic is about Bathurst, so I guess I'll include them. I don't think they have the consistency to knock off a team from say the 7th seed up. They could win a game or perhaps 2 against a higher seed. But I think they'd be in tough against any of those top teams. They have to get up to the 9th seed to have a shot at the 2nd round IMO. Not saying it can't happen. Victoriaville was a contender last year and they laid an egg in the playoffs, so it could happen again this year. Brennan could also go lights out and completely baffle a team. So I guess they could move on playing a top team. But it'd be more of the top team coming down to Bathurst's level I believe.

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