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01-24-2013, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kitnkev View Post
It seems like this guy is getting a lot of leighway for a new GM, that's like 5 people now that say he doesn't respond to messages and have to constantly harass to get a game in. I say boot him. Season is almost over anyways and we'll have plenty of time to find a suitable replacement.

Now sayi that, I understand its not always cut and dry as the commissioner, and I think you and jumbo run a very clean and organized league, but say he finally plays a game or two this late in the sim period, how many people that have been waiting on him are gonna be able to play him tonight? And the sim is tomorrow while most of us work.

look, if we booted everybody that received 2 complaints in this league, most of even our longtime members would be gone, including several who have raised concerns recently. its just not realistic. i feel the best approach is to reach out to people and figure out what the issue is and if they can resolve it or not.

he joined what 2 days ago and did play several games, its not like he's not playing his games. should we not give a guy that just joined a small amount of slack for an issue arising from one day?

i just talked to him, he was playing eashl and has agreed he should have responded to let you guys know he was busy and setup a time shortly after, and he played one of the teams after, that messaged him. he has enabled his CPU also. he will be an active GM or we will remove him

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