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01-24-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Well 2 games in is one of the worst time to do a power ranking. The guys are either on teams with rusty players and/or them self getting used to the North American-hockey style again. It's really a turbulent time in the NHL. It'll settle down down the road but right now not much of value is worth assessing.

But what the hey, I'll bite Mostly because this thread lacks a silver lining!

+: Is getting PP-time(3:36 P/G) unlike last year(0:06 P/G). That's promising for his point production
-: Teams kinda not set on what works. Injuries to Kessler and Booth may cause some offensive drought.

Trending upwards.

+: Still getting PP. Seems to be in a 2C-role. Nice for him.
-: Islanders' mess. D-corp horrible. Tough year ahead.

Trending sideways

+: Is building on his good Playoff and is right where he should be on a productive line. Increased PP-time.
-: If Smith is injuried for some time Phoenix will have a hard time. Including Boedker.

Trending sideways... perhaps a little bit upwards

+: Looks like Dallas is looking at Larsen as one of their building blocks on the blue line. Dillon and him could be a 1st or 2nd pairing for some time. Fistric gone - replaced by Benn. Fistric had something Larsen didn't -> Big hitter. Benn is a poorer version of Larsen in many ways.
-: Rookie partner(Dillon). They were out there in the last minutes against Phoenix, but it will not the go-to-guys on the defence with Daley on one of the other pairings and the coaching staffs crush on Robidas and Larsen's last partner Goligoski.

Same as Boedker. Needs to focus on improving in his new role. Then things will come naturally.

+: Back on the ice
-: Back in the bottom 6

Wasn't on ice most of last year so i guess he's trending upwards.

+: ??? A chance to get out of Montreal?
-: Of the team. In the doghouse.

Trending downwards

PS. IMO Eller's is ideal for a defense-first-team. He's big, good at defensive responsibilities and a team player, that can add offense to at third line and has shown ability to find chemistry with more gifted players(Kostinsyn, LeBlanc). St. Louis, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Jersey(If they still play like i remember them)? I'm not to worried about him

Regin on the other hand... His should simply has to put up og shut up this year. Not liking those odds

Good thread Let's keep an eye on things...
Great post

I guess I agree with most of it... I think the dire positions Eller and Regin are in, is what is making me this pessimistic...

Hmm I agree on that, just don't see any teams taking him?

We have two SC finalist's in the Kings and the Devils, plus the Kings are stacked at C!

Don't see him going back to St. Louis.. Maybe Phoenix as they lack some young blood at C! They are quite senior at that position..

Team im thinking could use a 2 or 3C is San Jose, Handzus and Dejardanus are not satisfying...

Islanders are leading 5-3 against the Leafs as we speak, Nielsen has 2A so far, one from a nice take away at the blue line

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