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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
Not bad, as a follower of another team. I like the Savard to Wideman comparison and think it really fits. JAM reminds me a lot of Danny Briere. The whole French-Canadian, high scoring junior from the Q with a bit of a mean streak and subtle dirty to his game. Briere is/was quite a bit more skilled, but it works for me.

I feel like Booner Jenner has a higher upside than Malhotra, and I know you said it wasn't based on upside but rather stylistic play.

Not really sure about Johansen to Thornton or Getzlaf. I tend to see more Eric Staal to his game. Typically not a guy who is throwing his weight around, but is learning to use it to protect the puck.
Audy-Marchessault to Briere is fair, but I don't think he will ever get anywhere near that level. It's possible.

People seem to forget that Manny Malhotra was once the sixth pick overall. In fact, I have a historical guide to the Memorial Cup that was held here in Spokane in 1998; it mentions the Guelph Storm, with Manny Malhotra "steamrolling" their way into the tournament. I think placing such lofty expectations on a guy that hadn't even scored at a point-per-game pace in the OHL was probably a bit unfair by the Rangers, but I actually like the type of player he's turned into, in spite of what he's gone through. It's very possible that Boone Jenner has more offensive upside, but his two-way game is similar in many aspects. I think the hope around here is that he'll become a second/third line center that plays against the other teams' top lines on a shift by shift basis, and chips in depth scoring when need be. That's exactly what Manny Malhotra provided when he was here. If Boone can give us more offense, then that's excellent.

Johansen really reminds me a lot of Joe Thornton with the puck. Eric Staal is more of a shooter; I don't see Ryan ever being that good of a shooter. Thornton doesn't throw the big hits that often anymore; he's turned into more of a setup guy/powerplay specialist ... that's the Joe Thornton I see when watching Ryan Johansen. The Getzlaf comparison is as much about size/skating style than anything.

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