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Originally Posted by letowskie View Post
Dude, supposedly "comparable" players to EJ (according to Avs fans, not me), like Pronger or Chara, are already Norris candidates at this stage of their career (mid 20s). Pronger would have won the MVP the next season, you think EJ is going to be in sniffing distance of the Hart next year, are some avs fans really that delusional???

EJ is an above average D, probably a #3 on a contender, could probably fill in as a #1 on a bottom 25% D-corps of the league. You really think that you can be a contender with EJ as your #1 D, seriously, think about what you are saying. EJ's career high was 39 points, which was 3 years ago, and hasn't since come close. His career +/- high is a grand total of "1", and more often than not in the negative. You seriously think that he can go head to head with the likes of Chara and Weber. Surpassing EJ up in the depth chart is not that difficult of a feat, for an elite D prospect. The D that you traded away for him, Shattenkirk, is actually a signficantly more accomplished player at this point in time, despite being in the league far fewer years; EJ has been in the league since 18, and his stats has hardly improved at all from his rookie year (33 pts, -9). He is a resounding and abject failure, if you are measuring him according to the #1 overall billing that he was drafted at.

Gormley is already probably the best D that's not playing in the NHL right now, and is a complete player. He easily has the potential to be a all around #2 D on a contender eventually. It's very likely that he will become a top 15 D in the NHL in the next 2/3 years, given the right circumstances (where he is given the right role, but not too much pressure).
What? First of all, I've not seen any Avs fans making that comparison, and how does EJ not being the next Pronger have anything to do with EJ and Gormley Way to get of topic. No one ever mentioned EJ and the hart. What is wrong with you. You're bringing up completely unrelated things. I'm actually concerned for your health now. We were discussing EJ and Gormley, and now you bring up Pronger, Chara, the Norris trophy, and the hart, even though no one here has mentioned any of those guys. Judging from your posts, you're the delusional one.

I now move on to your second The guy you replied to did NOT say we are a contender with EJ as our #1, he did NOT compare him to Chara or say he can go head to head with him, and yet you are acting like he did.
You really think that you can be a contender with EJ as your #1 D, seriously, think about what you are saying
What are you on about. HE DIDN'T SAY THAT. Wow..learn to read. EJ is our #1 defenseman right now, and we are happy to have him as that. How your EJ bashing has anything to do with Gormley is beyond me btw. Unless somehow this makes you feel better. We really don't care where he was drafted at, and it does not change his value at all. You think he is a failure? Great. Trust me, I don't think any Avs fan really cares about your opinion. You've clearly never watched EJ play.

On to the next paragraph. Well at least you're no longer bringing up the hart and norris trophies, as well as guys like Weber and Chara, even though no Avs fan mentioned them let along the guy you replied too. bash EJ for what he has done in the NHL, say guys like Shattenkirk have done more than him...than say Gormley will be better than EJ...even though Gormely has done NOTHING?? I understand potential and all, but first you bash EJ for what he has done in the NHL, then hype Gormley for doing nothing in the NHL? You don't make a lot of sense, do you. Very likely Gormely will become a top 15 defensman? I'm going to keep this thread for future reference. If you think Gormley will be that good, by all means, KEEP HIM. It's not Avs fans trying to pawn off O'Reilly for Gormley here, its the other way around.

As for EJ being a #3 on most contenders...look no further than last years cup winner to see a team he would certainly be a #2 on. Also see teams like Pittsburgh and Boston.

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