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Originally Posted by simplysincere View Post
Bergevin is not in a rush to sign Subban. Subban is not going to replace any of our top 6.

He won't replace Markov.
He won't replace Diaz.
He won't replace Emelin.
He won't replace Bouillon.
He won't replace Gorges.
He won't replace Kaberle.

Meehan is probably not the problem, as it is likely that Subban is the one making outrageous demands.

If Bergevin were to trade Subban the most he would get for him is a 2nd rounder, maybe a late 1st (at the most). ******** BTW

No team wants him. Firstly, he's overrated, and the other 29 GMs know this. Secondly, and most importantly, he has a bad attitude (GMs also know this).

If Subban was so great like so many fans claim him to be, then another team would have overpaid to get him via trade, or they would have signed him to an offer sheet by now.

I predict that Subban will sit out the entire year, become a UFA, and sign with someone else over the summer (that's if any team is willing to take him), unless Subban is willing to sign below 3 Million per year on a short term basis, and willing to prove himself both as an elite player with an improved attitude.

Bergevin will set his precedence, by showing that he will not be pushed around by a player's egoistic demands, and I highly respect him for that. Furthermore, Bergevin is not going to trade Subban unless he feels pressured to do so - he's going to force him to sit out as along as he can.

Subban needs to change his attitude, and become more humble in his acts and thoughts. I think Subban has lots of passion which is great, but he needs to "come back down to Earth", and prove himself all over again, however, that won't be in Montreal.

Are you bloody high? Im going to bold everything you said that is pure conjencture on your part

None of this is a rational argument and spout of garbage of pure conjencture, none of it's backed up with facts. Now I'll proceed to completely destroy it,

Subban is better then Emelin, Bouillion, Kabarle and Diaz, as evidenced by his play last year in all three zones and his ability to step up when markov went down.

How in gods name do you not know that subban just wants 4 years and bergevin wants three and neithers willing to budge, and even if that was the case, what the hell does it matter? Do you go and work for less then what you think you should be paid?

If he's overrated then why do you have fans of every fanbase trying to trade for him? Why do you have him consistently listed as the top of our depth chart by analysts.

A 2nd rounder? A first? maybe? lets remind ourselves your talking about a young defenseman whose had 40 point seasons when most are in the AHL, this is why Bergevins a gm and your not 2nd round picks get you players like kostitsyn, not players like subban.

None of this even makes sense, this post is bad and you should feel bad

Coming from someone who wants to see subban signed but at a number both are comfortable with

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