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Originally Posted by Arthur Broussard View Post
it's good that the Sea Dogs fans are so loyal to their organization, that is the heart of what drive junior major hockey, fans!
If my comments or in your words "accusations" offend you Johnny, that's unfortunate."Groundless"?? When he arrived in BB, the story from CESR is that he, Tesink, reported to the training staff that he was injured and tried to play through it the first few game because of the trade, and the maritime tour because family came to watch. Upon returning, medical staff of the Armada say he is unfit to perform due to serious knee injury.
The reports from CESR is that the Armada believe the injury happened long before the trade and was not reported by the Staff of St. Johns when negotiations went on. If nothing comes of it, then nothing comes of it. I am sure the organization of the Sea Dogs with be co-operative with any questions that may arise from the Q.Will have to monitor to see if there are further devlopments.
Shady trades..not sure, shady drafts and signings maybe some questions, but hey, IHNC, you are correct, the league has a very poor reputation for this in the LHC.
Arthur, your entire post reads like a fairy tale. You question my use if the term 'groundless', yet that is exactly your accusations appear to be.

- the story from CESR is that Ryan reported to staff he was injured upon arriving in BB. Who's story is it? There must be someone responsible for making this comment, not just 'the story from CESR'?? And if Ryan reported that he was injured upon arriving in BB, where he played his first 3 Armada games, why in the world would staff give him the green light to play not only those 3 games but 3 more on the road? Why would he be allowed to 'try to play through it'?? And why in the world would he feel pressure to play on the Maritime swing because family was watching - HE'S FROM SAINT JOHN, his family has had more than a few opportunities to see him play junior hockey, including watching him compete for two Presidents Cups and two Memorial Cups.

- 'The reports from CESR'?? Who's reporting this?? I can't find anything about such reports anywhere, except on this thread from one poster, you. And why would the Armada believe his injury occurred long before the trade?? I never saw any indication of injury as he was scoring at over one point per game on a thin Seadogs squad, and i saw alot of him. Maybe the phantom CESR reporter can elaborate on that??

As I said, it's unfortunate if Ryan will miss significant time with a leg injury. It's disappointing some (or one) would spread unfounded and unverifiable rumours that there was foul play involved by his former team, rather the accepting what it is - a tough break for the Armada in having a newly acquired player go down to injury after just 6 games.

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