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01-24-2013, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Exactly. **** this bridge.

Subban is an exceptional player (although I wouldn't give the bank)...sign him already (do what it takes or close enough). We finally have the chance to reunite Subban and Markov...but no. First the Subban vs Bergevin and his ****ing 2 year bridge BS policy

We still don't know the numbers...but if Subban is asking for a 5-6 year it (especially if it's a fair price...especially).
IF Subban is getting too greedy, well...I still think it's Bergevin's job to push something as close as possible to the middle (not some rumored 3 mil gap...that's just ridiculous). 3 mil gap? Subban asking for 6mil/year for 5-6 years? and Bergevin offering 3mil/year for 2 years? We will not see Subban this season...our Habs need Subban or else hurry and get a dman of the same value so we can have an even more solid top 4. Right now it's Markov, Gorges, Diaz, Emelin... would be even more amazing with Subban.

1. Subban or Markov
2. Markov or Subban
3. Gorges or Diaz
4. Diaz or Gorges
5. Emelin
6. Bouiilon
--------- -------

Enough with this BS...we want Subban back on the ice (unless he really is being way too greedy... but I'm sure a 5-6 year deal can be worked out...pretty sure).

p.s.: Diaz is scaring me 'cause he'll ask for Streit money soon! and then what? Desharnais with Cole and Pacioretty...another one who will ask for 4-5mil/year, but...can he be healthy in playoffs and can he do it without being surrounded with our TWO best Power forwards? to be continued...
Eller with Pacioretty and Cole would be a point per game player or close, imo.
Hey we are okay, we got Markov!

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