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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Yup looking like a brilliant move even though the masses here hated Gauthier the guy set this team up for success and took ALL of the blame. It is a real shame most habs fans can't see the obvious and appreciate what Gauthier did.

Bourque is looking like a steal and Cammalleri is looking like a buyout he is that terribad. Kaberle is filling a need with excellent passes and powerplay work even if his partner can't one time to save his life.

But but, Subban is so proven just like Myers! Sign him up 7M per for 20 years! OMG YES!! HHOF!
Cammalleri is a product of media hype. A big smile for the camera. Bourque can bring his lunch box, push a few people around, and smash some pucks into the back of the net. All day. Little Mike has a pair of bad knees, without the extra step he's just not as useful. Tunnel vision for miles, as well. I don't mean to take anything away from the great games he had as a Hab, and his great playoff, I'm thankful for that.. but the backlash of that trade was equal parts uneducated fans blindly loving Cammalleri because CBC told them to, Gauthier's bizarro unprofessionalism, and Bourque's bad season (which could be for many reasons unknown to fans). Remember Bourque outscored Cammalleri in the three years leading up to the deal.

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