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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
I haven't seen him play enough to have a solid opinion on him. I've heard a lot of people rag on him but I've also read some articles that point to advanced stats and say he's really good, particularly defensively.

Let's say the Wings were going to try and trade for him - drop all the "Holland sucks" crap for a minute, because I don't care. What do we think it would take for the Wings to acquire him. We'd assume they would lock him up long-term if they acquired him.

Remember, for this exercise I don't care about any "Holland is a looser and teh wurst evurr so he wud be to stoopid too trade" blah blah blah. Don't care. With what the Wings have, what's fair value?

I would think the Habs would want Ouellet. They'd probably want Smith too, but I would say the Wings shouldn't deal both. They'd probably want Nyquist and/or Tatar, and they'd probably want Abdelkader and/or Sheahan. And probably some picks. Just spitballing here. They would probably ask for Helm and it would be worth considering if that would save some of the other top assets - 1st pair 2 way D >>>>> 3rd line stonehanded speedster.

If they could get it done with just picks and lower level prospects that would be ideal - we've seen what happens when the Wings try to pick in the 1st round...
I love PK, he makes mistakes, but what dman these days that ain't a prime Lidstrom doesn't. He also has a lot of swagger, which is something I think our team can use.

I would definitely overpay to get him, though I doubt Holland would ever do it. Montreal probably would want Ouellete since he is French and from the QMJHL, and I'd definitely part ways with him for Subban. I don't think we would have to trade away Smith in the package, but they might want a body on D to replace him. I'd like to think that Kindl might still have some value that I'd see if they bite on that, I'd throw in Tatar as an offensive prospect (I like Tatar, but we do seem to have a decent enough forward prospect pool in the works [Nyquist, Tatar, Jarnkrok, Sheahan, Ferraro, Jurco] that I'm ok parting with him). To really make sure Montreal would bite on this deal, I'd throw in this year's first and next years as well LOL

The way I see it, Holland does nothing with our 1st's anyways, and this would prevent him from just trading back for another Quincey again, might as well use them on a player I want. I'd think that other NHL teams might think we're not as good as we use to be (which is very likely very true), that our 1sts probably hold more value now that in previous years, but I'd gamble on it hoping that getting someone like Subban who was already a top pairing dman in Montreal last year to help stabilize our d at least keeps us making or fight for a playoff spot this season.

so my trade I guess looks like

Ouellete + Kindl/Quincey/Ericsson + Tatar + 2013 1st + 2014 1st

Though this could be our defining Brian Burke trade (akin to Kessel from Boston deal) where those firsts end up being a 2nd and 8th overall LOL

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