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01-24-2013, 10:08 PM
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Here are the latest GREAT news about the film: SPOILER ALERT

1. The Film is Rated PG-13 For intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.

2. You may have noticed that there is one somewhat popular secondary character from the Superman world not yet confirmed to be in the film, Jimmy Olsen. Well, according to reports, a character named "Jenny Olsen" will be in the film. If you've seen the latest trailer, she's the woman beside Perry White (Lawrence Fishburne) running away from the destruction behind them. Some have been speculating that they have changed Olsen's gender for some creative purpose, I however highly doubt that, I think this is Jimmy's older sister. Before the DC Comic's "New 52", Jimmy was always several years younger than Clark Kent. So perhaps the Jimmy Olsen in the Man of Steel world is still a teenager and not yet working for the Daily Planet.

3. Besides Zod and Foara, there will be at-least two other Kryptonians in the film, Tor-An and Dev-Em. This is one of the most interesting news so far about the film in my opinion, to understand why, read more at:

4. Lastly, you saw a very quick glimpse of Zod in the second trailer, but you were not shown what his costume would look like. Thanks to leaked pictures of upcoming Man of Steel toys, we now know what his two costumes (his common kryponian costume and his armoured costume) will look like:

I cannot explain how excited I am for this film!

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