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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
He plays a bit like that yeah. Rafalski was smaller.
Both guys spent a long time developing in Europe before an NHL team took a chance on them.

My dreams of a


Defensive core that takes on all comers feels closer and closer now.
I'm so glad you're staying positive (''feels closer and closer now'')...'cause with every game we play I feel bad that Subban is not in the lineup. To me...Tinordi is for next year or playoffs if he's ready, unless we get lots of injuries (knock on wood against that). We're so lucky Tinordi is ahead of schedule 'cause a year ago some were saying he will take more time to develop...he's appox. 6'6 - 6'7? wow!! can't wait to see him defend our Price and other players.

Rafalski...without looking/searching..I remember Rafalski as 5'8-5'9... Diaz (I think) is 5'11? anyways...Diaz has that offensive style/instinct that Rafalski had (or somewhat!).
(Rafalski...NJ, Stars, Detroit, no? he has a lot of mileage).

I guess it was too good to be true...Markov and Subban reunited!!
Please make it happen soon...we Hab fans deserve a healthy lineup (at its best...solid top 5...Subban, Markov, Gorges, Diaz, Emelin...and I'm a Bouillon fan! so I do like him at #6).

We also have to remember...Subban will help all our other dmen with ice-time relief, since Subban is a ''ice-time eater'' (24min.+/game). I don't want Markov, Gorges, get an early burnout or especially injury before playoffs even though there's only 48 games!!). Always worried about we have to worry about when? (for Subban).

Fair (Subban):
6 years for 30mil.
7 years for 35mil.
Get it done.

2 years? no less than 4 - 4.5...anything less than 4...we all know a huge joke. $850 000 in last two years for of the best bargains in the NHL. Nothing we can do...Subban wants to get paid and anything under 4 is ripping him off for the last two years he has given us Hab fans. Find something close to the middle but sign Subban.

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