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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I think you're forgetting how reckless and aggressive offensively he was his rookie season. Its why he was so productive. Getting to that point total he led the entire NHL in giveaways his rookie year with 94. He's actually had far less the two seasons after that with 67 and 44 in 55gms last year (roughly a 67 giveaway pace for a full season). He got away with that aggression because Tallinder covered for him as did Miller who was having a great season. But Myers is no where near as reckless and turnover prone now as he was as a rookie.

What I mean with board battles not being his game is this. His rookie year he would play a positional defensive game in our zone to deny passing options and try to close down opposing players. He was pretty good at it with that wingspan. But now he gives up that advantage by moving closer to an opposing player to engage in a board battle and its led to worse d-zone play by Myers.

Ruff needs to let Myers get back to the recklessly aggressive attacking offensive dman he was in his rookie year and stop trying to turn him into Chris Pronger. I don't think its in him.
I agree 100% with the bolded... and that aggression/change in style, has limited his ability to counter attack as often... which was his greatest strength

they should've let him continue developing into Scott Niedermayer +1 foot

but... lindy ruff

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