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01-24-2013, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by CarvinSigX View Post
Is there a chance that Pietrangelo's struggles are due to a new style Hitchcock is pushing on him? His skating and hands seems fine, but somehow it seems like his hockey IQ dropped...Which is NOT the Pietrangelo we've seen the past 2 years.

So...What do you think is wrong?

Did he peak early?

Is he still not right from the surgery?

Is he in game shape?

Could he be uncomfortable with Cole?

Has Hitchcock changed his expectations for Pietrangelo and he's having problems adapting?

Has the transition aggressiveness been a thorn in his side?

Have teams figured him out?
I guess I'm just taken aback that you've thought his play thus far has been so problematic that it would warrant these types of questions. Where was he anything below good/decent? The Chicago game was a lull for the entire team, and specifically on D. Shattenkirk was probably the best Dman that night. He looked good against Nashville the other night and great against Detroit.

I think timing and game readiness is a legitimate factor. You could tell in camp just how sublimely talented the kid is, but his reads were just a bit off, and that's carried over a bit into this week. Let it be said that per usual, Petro is playing with a revolving door as his partner, so that's another factor.

I've seen him try to throw his weight around a bit more, which isn't bad, but his game is puck disruption and relieving pressure in his end. I'm genuinely interested in what you've seen and your concerns if you'd share.

Originally Posted by Cochise22 View Post
Yeah, thats closer to what I guess what I was actually thinking. Cole has been better than expected while Pie has been worse than I expected. I'm just a little frustrated by his play and the way he has changed what made him great. I need to keep telling myself, "It's only been three games, it's only been three games." I just hope he has learned his lesson about attempted hits at center ice.
Frustrated by one game? I am honestly curious to know what you and the OP have seen to warrant this type of worry. What has he changed that made him great?

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